University of Toledo – Toledo, Ohio                         1997 – 2002

Major – Business Computer Networking Systems      GPA: 3.6 / 4.0
Associate Degree in Network Architecture



          Constructed custom built PC’s (towers, laptops, desktops)
          Installed and upgraded hardware, software, and networks
          Performed physical installs and expansions of network topologies
               -         Includes Star, Mesh, Token Ring, and Wireless
               -         Includes Category 5 Wiring, Coaxial Cable Networks (BNC)
          Educated in Microsoft Office 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007
               -         Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage,Outlook
          Trained in various Operating Systems
-        Includes DOS, Linux, Windows 9x/2000, ME, XP, Vista
               -    Novell, Windows NT / Server, & All Versions of 2003
          Trained in the use of Bridges, Hubs, Repeaters, Routers, & Cable/DSL
          Knowledge of network protocols TCP/IP, IPX, Etc…
          Setup firewalls & virus scanners to protect the network from intruders
          Created & administered bulletin board systems, webpages, & databases


          Zimware Consulting, Massillon - Elyria - Parma, Ohio       1/03 – 6/08
Public & Private Computer Consultant / Technician
          Provided computer tech support to the public and private sectors
          Performed remote administration services for clients worldwide
          Build custom computer from scratch, Setup networks on-site
          Virus & spyware removals, Custom backup, format and restore
          Created, Hosted, and maintained custom websites for clients
          Integrated Care Enterprises, Wadsworth, Ohio                  2/06 - 9/06
Setup network, shared files, email & calendar sharing, network printers
          Rebuilt computers and transferred data from old to new
          Converted Wordperfect documents to MS Word, setup backup system
          Bish & Associates, Akron, Ohio                                           6/05 - 2/06
Revamped network from Novell to a Windows based network
          Setup file sharing, removed spyware, viruses, & installed backup system
          Trained users, fixed all problems with computers & printing
          Blossom Bucket, North Lawrence, Ohio                              5/04 - 3/05
Put in 20 new or upgraded computers about in 3 buildings
          Setup new Windows based server to take the roll of a Novell
          Setup user names & permissions, remote access, scanning & printing

          Sand & Sebolt, Massillon, Ohio                                            1/03 – 3/04
Setup network, file sharing, shared printers, patch panels & cabling
          Installed Virus scanners, Firewalls, and email accounts on 20 PC’s
          Trained users in network sharing & printing
          Setup digital cameras, scanners, cd burners & printers to the server
          Provided each system in the office with remote support 24/7

Burge Co. , Lorain, Ohio                                                       8/99 – 05/02
          Assisted law firm Burge Co. with installation and hardware maintenance
          Installed Symphony wireless networking on PC’s and laptops
          Remote networking of each PC
          Maintained network through on call support
          Installed print server, performed Ink Jet Maintenance
          Configured all PC’s to wirelessly access the Internet through 1 PC

          CFGLC, Lorain, Ohio                                                            5/99 – 8/99
          Community Foundation of Greater Lorain County
          Maintained network through on call support
          Improved network server with upgrades and service packs
          Scheduled and performed Windows 98 upgrades
          Implemented intranet e-mail & scheduling with Microsoft Outlook
          Backed up data using tape backup system and NT Server
          Rerouted network drops to speed up connections
          Optimized all PC’s within the organization
          Merged BNC and Cat 5 networks together
          Installed print server, Ink Jet & Laser Printer Maintenance

Humility of Mary Information Systems, Lorain, Ohio         5/98 – 8/98
          Community Health Partners Hospital
          Performed upgrades and repairs of hardware and software
          Assisted users with application issues and questions
          Managed users in domains with NT Server
          Assisted in Tape backup and restore responsibilities
          Built Custom PC’s to specifications
          Performed roll out of new PC’s
          Installed physical expansions to existing topology of the hospital
          Configured PC’s when expanding the network
          Assisted in MS Exchange deployment, and mail errors
          Performed Ink Jet & Laser Printer repair and maintenance
          Assisted in maintaining network through on call support
          Repaired damaged/outdated equipment in PC’s
          Made CD-R Disks with software the company needed
Hand typed documentation about software installs, and configurations


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