Zimware's Training Services

Zimware can come to your home or business, and teach you 1 on 1, or in a group setting.  We have
extensive knowledge of almost all software programs in the general public such as the Microsoft Office Suite,
and Operating Systems such as Windows 98 or XP.  From teaching basic functions to advanced, we can
teach you or your employee's how to be more productive, in less time, and with more efficiently.

Training Services We Offer:
  Basic Networking  
Setup of Basic LAN, Split Cable Modems between 2 or more PC's, & Lecture
Basic Internet Skills Advanced Networking Basic Office Suite Training
Browsers, Chat Programs, Downloads Cabling, Software, Hardware Word, Excel, Powerpoint
Advanced Internet Skills Operating System Install Advanced Office Suite Training
FTP Server, IIS Webhosting, MIRC Win 98,ME,XP,2003 Access, Frontpage, Outlook, Publisher
Basic Diagnostics & System Tools   Basic Data Backup & Restore
Scandisk & Drive Defragmentation   Floppies, ZIP Disks, CD-R, & CD-RW
Advanced Diagnostics & System Tools   Advanced Data Backup & Restore
Registry Editing, System Configuration   Tape Backups & DVD +- R +- RW

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